How Does a Professional Property Management Company Choose Its Vendors?

Today’s blog is about how a professional Tampa property manager chooses its Vendors.
When you are considering potential property management companies for your investment property, you need to know what kind of vendors they work with. These people are going to be in your home, making repairs and doing work. They have to be reliable and they have to be excellent at what they do. Today, we’re telling you a little bit about how we go about choosing our vendors at Rent it Network.

Licensed and Insured

It’s absolutely essential that any vendor doing work on your property is licensed and insured. Hiring someone off the street for $10 an hour might seem like a cheap way to get your water heater fixed, but if something goes wrong or he hurts himself on the job or damages your property; you’re going to be in some very expensive trouble. Insist upon licensed and insured contractors and vendors.


We use vendors who have excellent reputations in their field and with their customers. We look for high quality service and we expect our vendors to take pride in what they do. The best vendors stand behind their work. They’ll get it right the first time, and if they don’t, they’ll be willing to go back and make whatever adjustments are necessary to get the problem fixed and keep the customer happy.


Working with vendors who are available on nights and weekends is critical in the property management field. Not all of your property emergencies will occur during business hours. In fact, very few of them will. At Rent it Network, we only work with vendors who can respond quickly to our needs. Always choose vendors who are responsive and willing to work with your schedule.


It’s never a good idea to choose a vendor based strictly on price. You want the work to be affordable, but you want the service to be excellent, and if you choose someone just because they return the cheapest bid, you might end up paying a How Does a Professional Property Management Company Choose Its Vendors?higher price down the road. Find a licensed and insured professional with a great reputation who consistently provides high quality work. Once you have narrowed your search using those requirements, you can compare their prices.

Choosing vendors is an important part of managing a property. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at Rent it Network.


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