How Rent It Network Takes Care of Military Personnel – Tampa Rental Management

The Tampa bay area has a high population of military personnel, and if you’re a member of the military or a family member, Rent It Network can help you rent out your property or find a new home in the area. We are military housing certified, and there are several things we do for our military partners.

Reduced Management Fee

When you get your orders to leave the Tampa area, you might be stuck wondering what to do with your property. If you don’t want to sell it, renting it out is a good way to earn some income and hold onto the investment. We work with military landlords who are outside of Tampa and even outside of the countries. For our military service members, we also reduce our 10 percent management fee to 9 percent.

PCS and Relocation Needs

We work with military relocation companies all the time, and if you get your PCS orders, we can help you make the transition a little smoother. Whether you’re relocating into the Tampa market or outside of it, we can help you find a place to live or locate a tenant who will take good care of your investment property.

Military Tenants

Working with military tenants is often a pleasure, because these residents are responsible, stable and committed to taking care of their homes. If you’re in one of our properties and you get orders to move immediately, we will work with you. Our military program offers a cancellation policy with no fees. We understand the importance of leaving when you’re required How Rent It Network Takes Care of Military Personnel Tampa Rental Managementto, and our experience allows us to make it happen with minimal disruption to the tenant or the landlord.

Taking care of the military landlords and tenants we work with is an important part of our business. If you are in the military and you need help with managing your property or finding a high quality rental, pleases contact us at Rent It Network. We’d be happy to tell you more about how we can help you.


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